Gallery November 2009
November saw a group of 13 people from Chilliwack Central Community church head down to serve at a Children's home in Reynosa Mexico. The group worked on many projects. The main project was to construct a roof on an addition to one of the homes that houses children. The week was filled with fun and laughter. There never seemed to be a dull moment. The group had decided to extend their trip by one day so they could help with the homes annual community children's carnival. They group was very happy they made this decision. On carnival day they saw somewhere between 500 to 700 neighbourhood children come and enough carnival games and food for all ages. This was the first time His Hands & Feet Ministries had taken a group to serve at this home. The trip was such a success that we have started planning for another next October.

This past November I had the privilege to participate in a one week mission trip to Children's Haven International in Reynosa, Mexico along with 12 other members of our church. Children's Haven is much needed facility that takes in orphaned, abandoned and underprivileged children and gives them a Christian home-like safe place to live. Our trip was lead by Al Gerbrand from "His Hands and Feet Ministries" who makes it all seem so simple. Thanks Al.

This trip was different than the first three trips that I have gone on with His Hands and Feet in that we got to stay in the facility that God had sent us to help out. This was a blessing in that we had the opportunity to get to know the kids better by spending time with them, eating with them in their homes and getting to play with them. I was very moved by seeing how these children were taken care of both physically and spiritually.

Before my first trip with HHFM, which was to the Baja in Mexico, I had every excuse under the sun not to go. Now I look for any excuse to go on another "One Week Mission Trip". Thank you God for bringing me to this place in my life, and thanks to everyone at His Hands and Feet Ministries.= No virus found in this incoming message.
Every now and then God gives us an opportunity to be a part of something significant in order to impact and direct our lives. My visit to Children’s Haven International was just that and more. In a place where one is completely aware of the brokenness that occurs when a child is left without a parent I experienced first hand something that was working so well. The homes of CHI are filled with the love and discipline of Christ. The leadership of CHI is reflective of grace and gratitude. It is my hope to return next year to once again work alongside those who care so much for God’s children.
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